Macadam Triumph Racing Team announces Stapleford and Wadsworth for 2024 Quattro Group British Supersport campaign

Macadam Triumph Racing Team announces Stapleford and Wadsworth for 2024 Quattro Group British Supersport campaign

16 November 2023

The recently announced Macadam Triumph Racing Team has confirmed its rider line-up for the 2024 Quattro Group British Supersport Championship of Luke Stapleford and Max Wadsworth, with the pair lining up for the championship challenge utilising the basis of the Triumph Street Triple 765.

2015 Champion Stapleford returns to fight for a second title with the 2023 podium-finishing team run by Dave Wadsworth onboard the Supersport race-winning Street Triple 765.

Wadsworth graduated to the British Supersport grid in 2022, and moved to the Macadam Racing team in 2023. This season, he has been a top-ten contender in the series and is looking forward to getting to grips with Triumph’s 765cc triple.

In addition, the Macadam Triumph Racing Team will field three riders in the new Pirelli National Sportbike class next season – Aaron Silvester, Katie Hand and Jayden Martin. Involvement in this class reinforces Triumph’s vision for a pathway for racers to progress their careers with the British manufacturer from Sportbike through to Supersport and Moto2.

Stapleford said: “A couple of years ago I had pretty much stopped racing, and I finished with Triumph in 2018 racing World Supersport. Since then, we’ve visited the idea of getting back on a Triumph a few times and finally it’s happening. I’m excited to be back on a Triumph; it’s where I’ve had most of my success. Dave runs a good outfit, puts a lot of effort into the team and I’m looking forward to getting on the 765cc Triple and seeing what we can do.

“I have ridden it in road trim at a press event, but I’m definitely excited to ride it in race trim. I’ve always enjoyed riding the Triumph - it’s what I know most, the triple engine really suits me well and we’re hoping to get to grips with it quickly to battle for some race wins. My only goal is to be winning the championship, so that’s what we’re setting out to do.”

Wadsworth added: “I’m really excited to be on the Triumph next year, and I believe there is a lot of potential in the bike to be competitive. I’m hoping for an injury free season, as the last two years have been difficult; my aim is to be in the top 10 and then build from there. I’m looking forward to getting out testing to move forward with our development of the bike, and working with Luke as well. It should be good!”

Steve Sargent, Triumph’s Chief Product Officer said: “Following the announcement of our partnership with Dave Wadsworth and the Macadam Triumph Racing Team, we’re pleased to share details on our rider line-up for British Supersport and entry into the National Sportbike class. Luke is from Hinckley and has enjoyed most of his previous success on a Triumph, so we’d like to welcome him back. Having had a break from racing, he is highly motivated and brings a lot of experience to the team. Max has previously enjoyed success as a junior, and despite a tough few seasons, he is also looking forward to racing aboard a Triumph.

“In the Sportbike category we are looking forward to seeing Aaron, Katie and Jayden in action – they are both hungry for success and will benefit from being in the Macadam Triumph Racing set-up. With our global motorsport presence growing, our ambition is to have a strong pathway from the entry point in the National Sportbike Championship, right through to World Supersport and perhaps in the long-term Moto2 to give riders an opportunity to grow with Triumph. We’re really looking forward to 2024.”

Dave Wadsworth, Team Owner, Macadam Triumph Racing added: “We’re really pleased to announce our riders for 2024 alongside Triumph, and we’re looking forward to an exciting season.

“Luke clearly has the speed and experience to bring a lot to our team; he is really motivated to be at the sharp end of the competition, battling for race wins and ultimately the championship. Max has had a tough couple of years, but this is a fresh start for him and together with Luke he will be looking at building momentum with the Triumph 765cc triple platform to score the results they know they are capable of with our experienced team.

“We’re also supporting three riders in the new National Sportbike category, which is a great class for emerging talent, and we look forward to seeing Katie, Aaron and Jayden in action next season.”